18cm Shop Front 'E'


1 x Pigeon Loft Roof Shed
1 x 12cm x 6cm Roof with Reversed 'F' Raised Edge x2
1 x Chimney stack
1 x 3cm x 3cm Roof with Raised Box x2
1 x 6cm Edging Wall x4
1 x 12cm Edging Wall x2
1 x 6cm x 6cm Skylight
1 x 6cm x 6cm Roof Top Exit/Entrance
1 x 6cm Dungeon Wall with Badly Bricked Repairs
1 x 3cm Half Pillar and wall x2
1 x Dungeon Walls A
1 x 6cm Dungeon Wall with Central Hole
1 x Dungeon Walls C
1 x 9cm Dungeon Corridor Entry with Lintels
1 x 6cm Dungeon Wall x2
1 x Dungeon Walls D
1 x 6cm Dungeon Wall with arch and Pillars
1 x 6cm Dungeon Wall with Secret Door
1 x 9cm Dungeon Wall
1 x 3cm Dungeon Wall Right Angled Corner x2
1 x 3cm Dungeon Wall x2
1 x 3cm Dungeon Wall T Section x2
1 x 15cm Large Dungeon Archway
1 x Dungeon Walls B
1 x 6cm Dungeon wall with Boarded Repair
1 x 3cm Dungeon Wall 4 Way Junction Section x2
1 x 3cm Dungeon wall with Buttress x2
1 x 6cm Dungeon Wall Door Section
1 x Single Hex' Pillars x2
1 x Rock Pool
1 x 12cm Hex' Rock Wall with opening
1 x Cave Dungeon Connection
1 x Straight Outcrop
1 x Single Hex' Rocks x2
1 x 8cm Hex' Rocky gap
1 x 8cm Hex' Rocky Outcrop
1 x Rock Outcrop Edges x2
1 x 12cm Hex' Rock Wall 3 Variants
1 x 8cm Hex' Rock Wall 3 Variants
1 x Cave Entrance B
1 x 8cm Rock Wall Set x3
1 x Curved Outcrop
1 x 8cm Outcrops / Sangers x3
1 x 8cm Hex' corner Piece
1 x Cave Connector
1 x Cave Entrance A
1 x 12cm Hex' Rock Outcrop Wall with Gap
1 x 12cm Wall with Exit
1 x 18cm Shop Front 'B'
1 x Internal Corner x2
1 x 18cm Shop Front 'F'
1 x 12cm Character Side Wall with Exit
1 x 6cm Wall with Pipe
1 x 12cm Wall with Windows
1 x 18cm Shop Front 'E'
1 x 9cm Alley End
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