The Record Factory Set

Everything in the Picture including Van and Boxes.

Loading Dock

Large Shutter Door

6cm Door

Large Corner

Small corner x3

12cm Wall x2

9cm Wall with exteinguisher

6cm Wall x2

3cm Wall x2

Tall Girders x2


Pavements x10 Various

Box Van

Conveyor Belt

Rubbish Skip

Shelving Unit

Vending machine

Large Crates & Stacked Boxes


1 x 8cm Hex' Rocky Outcrop
1 x 12cm Hex' Rock Wall with opening
1 x Tubestation 10cm Tunnel Curved Section
1 x 6cm Wall with Door
1 x Stone Jetty Angle Section
1 x Cold Store Wall Corner x2
1 x Tubestation 10cm Platform Curved to Straight Section
1 x Tunnel end Section with Door Cut Out
1 x Wooden Mooring Posts x2
1 x Wooden Jetty Catwalk Set
1 x Tubestation 10cm Tunnel Flat to Curved section
1 x Stone Jetty End Piece
1 x Tubestation 10cm Tunnel Straight Walls
1 x Sampan Barge
1 x Tubestation 10cm junction Curved to Curved Section
1 x Large Floating Jetty Platform
1 x 3cm wall x2
1 x Tubestation 10cm Tunnel Junction Flat to Curved
1 x Tubestation tunnel End Blocked Off End
1 x The Record Factory Set
1 x Long Catwalk on Supports
1 x Tall Girders x2
1 x Ramps x2
1 x Tubestation Platform End Left Side
1 x Loading Dock
1 x 9cm Wall with Girder Switch and Extinguisher
1 x Tubestation 10cm Platform Flat Wall Section
1 x Tubestation Platform End Right Side
1 x Corner with 3cm x 6cm Walls
1 x Tubestation Stairwell
1 x Rubber Raft
1 x River Launch with Binnacle Controls
1 x 6cm Wall with Central Girder
1 x Wooden Gangway
1 x Tubestation 10cm Platform Roof Section
1 x Wooden Jetty and Support
1 x Small Row Boat
1 x Small Catwalk on Supports
1 x Large Shutter Door with Nameboard
1 x Tubestation 10cm Platform curved Section
1 x Tubestation 10cm Tunnel Junction Flat to Flat
1 x River Launch with Cabin
1 x Tubestation 10cm Junction Curved to Flat
1 x 12cm wall with Two Girders
1 x Tubestation 10cm Platform Train Side
1 x Large Wooden Jetty
1 x Stone Jetty with Steps
1 x Stone Jetty Steps
1 x Tubestation 10cm Tunnel Section Junction Roof
1 x Raft with Furled Sail
1 x Domed Hex Pods x3
1 x 6cm Wooden Mine Wall x2
1 x 6cm x 6cm Skylight
1 x 4 Cylinder Paks x2
1 x Mooring Bouys x3
1 x Tubestation 10cm Platform Entry Junction Section
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