Tubestation 10cm Tunnel Straight Walls

1 Floor Piece with 2 Straight sided wall sections.

10cm in length

Roof section sold seperately


1 x 6cm x 3cm 'A' Pattern Floor Tile x3
1 x Refinery Floor with Open Square
1 x 6cm Pipeline Length x2
1 x Tubestation 10cm Platform curved Section
1 x Wooden Jetty Catwalk Set
1 x 3cm x 3cm Slender Pillar x2
1 x 6cm Dungeon Wall with Badly Bricked Repairs
1 x 6cm x 6cm Sewer Floor x2
1 x 3cm x 3cm Pipe Section x3
1 x Tubestation 10cm junction Curved to Curved Section
1 x 3cm x 3cm Sewer Channel Junction x3
1 x 6cm x 3cm Sewer Floor x3
1 x Tubestation Platform End Left Side
1 x Pipeline junction
1 x 3cm x 3cm Sewer Floor with Grill or Small Hole x4
1 x Tubestation 10cm Tunnel Section Junction Roof
1 x Wooden Mooring Posts x2
1 x 6cm x 3cm Pipe Section x3
1 x 15cm Pipeline Length
1 x 2x 3cm x 3cm, 1x 6cm x 3cm Damaged Wooden Mine Floor
1 x Refinery Overhead Walkways
1 x 9cm x 9cm 'A' Pattern Floor Tile x2
1 x 3cm Half Pillar and wall x2
1 x Mine Entrance Set
1 x 3cm x 3cm Protruding Corner x2
1 x Rubber Raft
1 x Tubestation 10cm Tunnel Curved Section
1 x 6cm Wooden Mine Wall x2
1 x 6cm x 6cm Wooden Mine Duckboard Flooring x2
1 x Tubestation 10cm Platform Curved to Straight Section
1 x Dungeon Walls B
1 x Mine Track End Room Set
1 x 3cm Dungeon wall with Buttress x2
1 x 12cm Starport Wall
1 x Pipeline Support Pillar 'B'
1 x 9cm x 3cm Sewer Channel x2
1 x Refinery Starter Silos & Stacks
1 x 3cm x 3cm D Pattern Floor Tiles x6
1 x Stone Jetty End Piece
1 x 6cm Dungeon Wall with Secret Door
1 x Mine Corner Room Set
1 x Pipeline Support Pillar 'A'
1 x 6cm x 3cm Sewer Channel x2
1 x Stone Jetty Straight
1 x 3cm x 3cm Sewer Channel x3
1 x Pipeline Junction Tower 'A'
1 x 6cm x 6cm 'A' Pattern Character Floor Tiles x4 Different
1 x 3cm Dungeon Wall Right Angled Corner x2
1 x Mine Corridor T Junction Set
1 x Pipeline Steps
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